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Our Story

Taylor & Macayla are 9 year old twins that had a school project that sent real estate mom into some fun ideas. Artsy, wild, creative family took a leap at making soap, beekeeping, botany, biology and the science of living. Quality versus profit is the focus. "Its more important for us to deliver a better product and take less profit to share with the world how important it is to live a cleaner healthier lifestyle. We are fortunate to be here on earth and want to keep our earth healthy by giving back to our bees. Without Bees what would we have?," says Melissa Johnson (Taylor & Macayla's mom & partner)​

How do we give back to the bees?

10% of all profit goes into different bee research, pollution control and/or beekeeping groups we choose annually. These stories can be found here online as we make announcement by which group we are assisting with.


  • All products are Founder Sourced.
  • All product and packaging ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and free of toxic-processing and manufacturing.
  • Business is done under the Fair Trade standards established by Fairtrade International FSI will bring light and resources to little known farmers, harvesters, their ancient practices around the world and their families and villages.
  • Shipment, storage, and packaging of ingredients are sharply regulated to ensure the maintenance of product integrity during shipping.
  • You’re invited. Melissa Johnson & her soap making twins invite Founder-run businesses seeking best-practices in pristine, organic product development and marketing to become FSI verified.
  • The more we can collectively certify our ingredients, the more we can call upon other companies to do the same, and increase awareness among our customers.

Natural Sourced Soap
Award Winning Scents
Saving Bees
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Melissa Johnson

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Vanessa Wang

Nail master

Brook Welsh

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Tina Smith

Make-up artist

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