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Bee Salty

Magic Miracle Mask DIY Kit

Magic Miracle Mask DIY Kit

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Miracle Mask contain an array of beautiful clay and vitamin powder to fortify, clean, cleanse, nourish and regulate your skin. This potent blend combines the deep-cleansing properties of activated charcoal with the nourishing benefits of clay to draw out impurities, unclog pores, and leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Then we took it further an added fruits rich in Vitamins to feed and promote natural collagen. Indulge in the ultimate self-care ritual and unveil a smoother, brighter, clearer and more radiant complexion.


Kakapo Plum, Kaolin, Rose Clay, Green Tea, Charcoal, Bentonite, Pumpkin & Banana Blends


You have options!

Use 1 teaspoon of the Mineral Powder & 2 teaspoon of either:

Bee Salty Facial Spray (Amazing to use always)

Full of Rich Vitamins from Roses, Orchids, Oregano, Cilantro, Aloe, Hibiscus-- your skin will buzz with delight as the combination exfoliates and softens skin, draws out impurities, minimizes pores, and remove excess surface oil

Distilled Water-- Don't want to waste your facial spray? This is always a great mixture allowing all the minerals to oil-absorbing properties which make it perfect for oily skin. It acts as a magnet to draw out impurities from your skin and pores, leaving them clean, while simultaneously moisturizing your skin leaving it smooth and soft. Finish with a spritz of Bee Salty Facial Spray.

Egg White: to help regulate sebum secretion, which aids in treating acne, cysts, and boils. It helps enhance skin elasticity, eliminate sunburn, decrease discoloration, minimize acne, and tone complexion. Finish with a spritz of Bee Salty Facial Spray.

Apple Cider Vinegar-- Break out with acne and facial bumps? Use Apple Cider Vinegar with balance skin PH and mixing with the Mineral Powders you skin will heal clean and glow!

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